Who We Are

What We Do

Who We Target

INTBU is an "all-inclusive" private company. We exist primarily to benefit the public and the community, dedicating ourselves to helping them to strengthen the pulse of peace and a way of life that blossom through the ideal of a non-violent and peaceful world.

INTBU could itself be described as a movement to nurture and cultivates understanding within humans.
We educate people. True education, is not simply teaching people academic content as a preparation for life. The human race is evolving too fast for that.

What we are more concerned with in education, is the facilitation of change. Through education we aim to:

  • tailor the mind-sets and activities of individuals to aspire them to become exceptional and to be directly tied with the ultimate goal of creating social value; and
  • enencapsulate the characteristics that shape the exceptional minds and activities of individuals in order to promote key acceleration of education, entrepreneurship, community development and economic growth; and
  • bestow upon the youth a more sensible view of themselves as a functioning, cohesive element of society.
We target families. It’s believed that a family, as a social group, does not exist in isolation from society, nor from the communities in which they live. Our focus is to invest a family with ‘knowledge’ that will 'empower' them to develop the true potential of their own minds.

While it is difficult to measure what positive benefits it will have in the future, there is much support for the view that it will:

  • encourage people to work together to build a community of engaged people and entities; and
  • develop a passion for change, which will ensure the capacity to see their contributions as motivating change, and that the community is constantly evolving; and
  • make the community infrastructure more resourceful and more sustainable.