Loyalty Cash-back Program

With years of experience we have recognized the opportunity for an innovative way for our members to save money and support their communities so that everyone is a winner!
INTBU | Loyalty Cash-back Program is unique because it enables our members to earn cash-back rewards whilst supporting their community.

Members make purchases from our participating partners and receive cash-back rewards up to 95%.
Registered Partners offer these rewards exclusive to INTBU members who shop with them.

Partners can also form closer ties with their local communities and business community to help ensure the success of the community development. 

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At INTBU, our job is making sure our members have access to the largest selection of quality wholesale products from the absolute best possible Wholesale Suppliers. We Certify the BEST Dropshippers, Light Bulk Wholesalers and Volume Distributors you can find anywhere. 

From Tradeshows to product warehouses we find out who the very best Wholesale Distributors are so our Members are guaranteed to be working with quality Dropshippers and Bulk Suppliers.

We talk to Manufacturers and even go thru an extensive Certification process to ensure every Wholesaler who receives our Certified Seal is not just a genuine Drop Shipper or Bulk Supplier but the Factory-Authorized Supplier located at the very top of the Supply Chain. Our Members work with the BEST Suppliers. Period. 
As a Member of INTBU, you'll get instant access to our entire Directory of Certified Wholesalers. What's taken us years of visiting tradeshows around the USA (and World) to collect you'll have access to with a click of a button. We take you past all of the garbage and catapult you straight to the Top-Level Authorized Distributors for the products you want to sell. 

Best of all, we do NOT get in between you and the Certified Wholesalers! You won't pay any monthly or annual fees, you get direct wholesale pricing for the best possible wholesale prices and YOU keep all of the profit from your sales! No Middlemen. Guaranteed.

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